The act of partnership is empowering. Each collaborator has an important role that complements, harmonizes, and supports one another. The positive and long-lasting outcomes we accomplish are a direct result of collaboration among diverse partners.


Our Approach:

Our unique working model combines the distinct strengths of three interdependent partners—Green Empowerment, an in-country Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and local community leaders. Project goals arise from local priorities—bottom up—and are fueled by community participation and decision-making. Nearby partner NGOs provide the long-term technical support and bring their unique skills, cultural understanding, and network to the process. Green Empowerment facilitates the projects with more than a decade of technical experience and an international network of energy experts, granting agencies, non-profits and accredited university partners. This working relationship between Green Empowerment, a technically experienced NGO, and the community has a more powerful impact on alleviating poverty, mitigating climate change and providing sustainable access to energy and water over the long term.


Seriously Sustainable:

Our projects are technically, economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.




“You are not only bringing water to this village—which is an essential improvement in their living conditions; you are restoring their pride by showing that people from far away care about their condition—even though our government doesn’t.”

–August 2007, Blaan Supreme Elder, Nonobert Malit or “Pastor Nono”